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hello people.

i am accepting commission for chibi versions of characters for 10 $ viva paypal. any interested use send me a note.

here is an example.
hello my watcher.

i had noted that in the last couple of week i had gain a lot of watcher for my gallery. so i was wonder if what i could do with this section of deviant art that i have never had success with before. so i thought i would share with you some blogs that i visit to learn and stuff. here are the links.

Paul Richard

Ben Newman


James Gurney

if you guys have some artist's blog that you want to share. plaza post them in comments to journal.


Hi all
i just thought to get the word out that i am offering commissions again. just sketches for now.

full body 20 $

Bust 10$


Harley Quinn- line arte
50 ouch
yeaah i reach 10 mark cool i hope you people like my pants if there is any one form india who want there pant to be pant you can contacked for deviants no charge
i finished the female model yeahh!
to no one
hi i have start to work on my female model in maya and hope to get it textured and posted by the end of the week .